Instructor, Oscar Irvin

I enjoyed the class. I think you did a great job. I served in the Air Force for several years in explosives. We were required to have handgun and rifle training several times. I was glad that you teach the concept of "surprise" on the shot. I teach my sons that the surprise is the most important part of precision shooting. I will definitely recommend you to everyone that I run across that is interested in training.

Kevin Baker

We really enjoyed the class. You are an excellent teacher. Thanks again.
Hi Oscar,

Cecil and I were just talking yesterday about when we would be able to coordinate our schedules to get to Hernando to buy our firearms. Now that I know how, I want to know how to well. We were both very impressed and are appreciative of your concern and care of us through the course. We will certainly recommend you to others.



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Thank you so much for taking the fear out of shooting. I will highly recommend you to everyone. You are awesome.
Thank you

Hi Oscar,
Just wanted to say thank you and to point out that I did learn several things, two of which are the “grip” and “sight alignment”.
Many thanks and you fixed my Grip!
Danny Gullick
Infrastructure Architect
Helena Chemical Company

Thank you for all your help. Your class was very educational and I am grateful for the techniques you taught me. I received your voicemail about the permit. Mondays and Tuesdays only. Thanks!