Instructor, Oscar Irvin

How To Apply for a Permit

1. All parts of the application must be filled out. Failure to completely fill out this application may result in the denial of the application.

2. Once the application is completed and notarized. the individual making the application must bring it to the Department of Safety Headquarters in Jackson, Ms. or Substations

3. The applicant must present two other forms of identification when returning the application. One must be a photo identification, either Mississippi driver's license or Mississippi identification card. The second may be:
                        (1) Social Security Card                                               (6) Military Identification Card                               
                        (2) Birth Certificate                                                        (7) Passport
                        (3) Divorce Decree                                                       (8) W-2 Form
                        (4) Military Discharge (DD214)                                   (9) Other Official Government Identification
                        (5) Marriage License

4. The applicant must have a photograph attached to the application. The photograph should form a pose straight forward and should not drop below the level of the breast-line. The photograph may be black and white or color, but must be of such quality as to make all facial features readily discernable.

5. The fee for an individual firearm permit is one hundred dollars ($70.00), plus all costs for processing of fingerprints which is thirty-two dollars ($32.00), for a total of one hundred and thirty-two dollars ($102.00), nonrefundable. This fee may be paid in any one of the following methods: (A) Cash (B) Cashiers Check (C) Money Order. Cashiers check or money order should be made payable to the Department of Public Safety.